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(1) MIT: New insights on fusion power

David Chandler, MIT News Office
December 3, 2008

Research carried out at MIT's Alcator C-Mod fusion reactor may have brought the promise of fusion as a future power source a bit closer to reality, though scientists caution that a practical fusion powerplant is still decades away.

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(2)Disappearing superconductivity reappears -- in 2-D

Scientists studying a material that appeared to lose its ability to carry current with no resistance say new measurements reveal that the material is indeed a superconductor -- but only in two dimensions. Equally surprising, this new form of 2-D superconductivity emerges at a higher temperature than ordinary 3-D superconductivity in other compositions of the same material.

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November 15, 2008

Polysaccharide Biobased Materials Center

Polysaccharide Biobased Materials Center

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"Polysaccharides are biologically produced (bio-based) materials that have a unique combination of functional properties and environmentally friendly features. Polysaccharides are also polymers and their long chain structures, as in man-made polymers, provide good mechanical properties for applications such as fibers, films, adhesives, melt processable plastics, thickeners, rheology modifiers, hydrogels, drug delivery agents, emulsifiers, etc. They are renewable materials, produced from other biological compounds, and generally are non-toxic and biodegradable. These features make polysaccharide materials a natural fit for sustainable development. Commercially available products include starch, cellulose and its derivatives (such as cellulose acetate, carboxymethyl cellulose, and methyl cellulose), sodium alginate, xanthan gum, dextran, carrageenan, and hyaluronic acid. Research continues to bring us new materials with improved performance and lower costs. This website is dedicated to promoting the commercial development of polysaccharide materials.

Explore this website and learn more about the chemical and physical properties of polysaccharides, their applications and markets, and commercial sources. Featured below are highlights of recent articles about exciting developments with polysaccharide materials"[1].

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