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(1) MIT: New insights on fusion power

David Chandler, MIT News Office
December 3, 2008

Research carried out at MIT's Alcator C-Mod fusion reactor may have brought the promise of fusion as a future power source a bit closer to reality, though scientists caution that a practical fusion powerplant is still decades away.

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(2)Disappearing superconductivity reappears -- in 2-D

Scientists studying a material that appeared to lose its ability to carry current with no resistance say new measurements reveal that the material is indeed a superconductor -- but only in two dimensions. Equally surprising, this new form of 2-D superconductivity emerges at a higher temperature than ordinary 3-D superconductivity in other compositions of the same material.

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November 29, 2008

Bio-Rad -FREE and fully functional software

Bio-Rad -FREE and fully functional software

Chemistry online Resources

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'Bio-Rad offers either free single-user copies or site licenses for your entire department or school if you meet our eligibility requirements outlined in our Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement.

To download your free copy of the KnowItAll Informatics System, Academic Edition, you will need to make a selection above (in the download the software now section), fill out a registration form, and download the software (unless you have already done so). After that, an e-mail with product registration code(s) will be sent to you. You will then need to use this code to activate your software.

What applications and features are included in the KnowItAll® Academic Edition?
DrawIt™ for chemical structure drawing
• Draw 2D & 3D structures
• Automatically assign stereochemical designators for R/S centers and E/Z bonds
• Automatically assign stereochemical designators for R/S centers in Fischer projections of sugars
ReportIt™ to generate high-quality lab reports
• Import IR, NMR, MS, and Raman spectra, & chromatograms in common native file formats
• Create reports complete with structures, spectra, tables, & more
• Access lab glassware and engineering symbol clip art with the click of the mouse
AnalyzeIt™ IR & Raman to interpret spectra
• Interpret the bands in an experimental infrared or Raman spectrum
• Correlate the expected group frequencies from a structure with a spectrum
RefineIt™ IR & Raman and ProcessIt™ NMR
• Import and process spectra from various instrument sources.
Sadtler Spectroscopy Handbooks – Internet Edition
• Review spectroscopy handbooks, starting with the Sadtler Handbook of IR Spectroscopy
• Access key spectroscopic insights by functional group
SymApps™ for molecular symmetry analysis
• Calculate, display, & animate the symmetry for a molecule
• Create movies for three basic rotations
• Calculate point groups, bond lengths, angles, & dihedral angles for all atoms in the structure
General laboratory calculations
• Convert from mole to mass or mass to mole
• Calculate molecular weight from structure
• Access MS fragmentation & MS documentation tools Analytical Inorganic Organic Physical"[1].

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