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(1) MIT: New insights on fusion power

David Chandler, MIT News Office
December 3, 2008

Research carried out at MIT's Alcator C-Mod fusion reactor may have brought the promise of fusion as a future power source a bit closer to reality, though scientists caution that a practical fusion powerplant is still decades away.

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(2)Disappearing superconductivity reappears -- in 2-D

Scientists studying a material that appeared to lose its ability to carry current with no resistance say new measurements reveal that the material is indeed a superconductor -- but only in two dimensions. Equally surprising, this new form of 2-D superconductivity emerges at a higher temperature than ordinary 3-D superconductivity in other compositions of the same material.

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October 30, 2008

Molinspiration Cheminformatic

Molinspiration Cheminformatic

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"Molinspiration Galaxy 3D Structure Generator Galaxy generates reliable 3D molecular structures from molecular connectivity (2D information) such Daylight SMILES or MDL Molfile. Galaxy is fast, what allows generation of 3D molecular structures for large chemical databases easily. It is written in Java, therefore can be used practically on any computer or operating system. Galaxy comes with a built-in 3D molecule viewer GalaxyVisualizer which allows also generation of molecular images in various formats.
Molinspiration offers a free web service which allows generation of 3D structures, display of various 3D molecular properties (molecular hydrophobicity potential or polar surface area) and download of generated 3D geometries"[1].

Analytical Inorganic Organic Physical

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